Camino – A – Go-Go – Preparing for a Pilgrimage

In less than 3 months, I will embark on a 5 week solo journey along the Camino de Santiago trail across France, Spain and into Portugal. This 800km hike will take me over the Pyranees Mountains, through villages in along paths that many Pilgrims have travelled for hundreds of years, in search for spiritual and personal meaning.

It has been my dream to walk the Camino de Santiago for many years, out of my love for adventure, exercise, nature, learning different cultures and traditions, and just to get away from the stresses and craziness of everyday life as a mom, manager, entrepreneur and caregiver.

My goal is not only to do this for my self, to solidify my personal and professional direction for the next half of my life, but also to raise awareness and funds for a cause that is close to my heart – Mental Health.

The first step of this journey will start on April 17 2020 in France, to raise awareness for Mental Health, specifically for youth and children. All donations will go back into support services to promote life, and provide youth and their families with the tools they need to overcome the pressures of society and traumas they may have to deal with.

100% of the funds raised through prior to this journey, and along the 5 weeks expedition, will go directly back to Canadian Mental Health and Big Brothers Big Sisters. A landing page has been set up so that individuals, corporations and anyone who wants to support Mental Health initiatives can donate directly by clicking on my website and will immediately get an income tax receipt.

Please follow my journey to prepare for, and to complete this pilgrimage and help raise awareness in order to encourage our friends, co workers, family and neighbours to Stop the Stigma, Stop the Silence – and talk about our Mental Health!


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